Elana has guided healing journeys through the practices of yoga and meditation for nearly a decade. Her unique and customized programs utilize spiritual guidance and ancient techniques to catalyze transformation.

Elana’s own spiritual quest began in 2007, when she walked away from a career as an Emmy Award-winning producer to study the alchemy of self-healing, wisdom, and consciousness eventually under the guidance of a Master in India. This deeply moving experience inspired her to help others create a life of joy and interconnectedness.

Elana is a certified Sattva, Prenatal and Kundalini Yoga teacher, as well as an Certified Integral Life Coach®. She is guided by the belief that a regular practice of detaching from the mind and reconnecting with the heart allows one to align, expand and evolve.

Elana works intimately with private clients in New York City, developing individualized platforms for personal growth. Outside of her practice she enjoys nourishing her spirit with adventures big and small and quality time with friends and loved ones.