Space is the closest impression of consciousness that we can see and feel. It’s that vast, deep and expansive in its infinite expression.  

Space is an element of life we experience constantly... within ourselves, our homes, our relations and the world. We can shift the space according to our attitude, energy and intention. We can expand space. We can contract space. Space is both tangible and intangible at the same time. Space is something we create, hold and effect.

When I first began to formally deepen my studies professionally in mind, body and spirit I was gifted a program from my teacher based on (you guessed it) SPACE. I spent an entire year playing with the energy of space; sitting in empty space, walking through crowded areas, laying under the night sky staring up at the stars and playing with the concept within my body. Essentially I was feeling into the vibration.

I practiced creating more space internally to allow for experiences, emotions (Energy in Motion) and encounters to pass through me instead of becoming me. Here, I learned to deeply listen to what was occurring on a subtle level... to what my body and my heart needed to tell me. Here, in the space, I found my voice. Authentic, Empowered, Honest, Clear.

Space is a magical element. When we can learn how to hold space for ourselves and each other we are learning how to allow, to release, to receive. We create invitations that flow through us and between us for authentic experience and deep connection.

There is an art to this practice of holding space as the blog title reflects... a balance. Too much space and we might feel not held... not contained. Not enough space and you will feel compressed, stifled and ready to explode.

It is my heart’s intention that The Art of Holding Space serves as a platform supporting you to deeply explore your inner process and your outer experience. To remind you of your essence and your love and to guide you through the darkness into the light that is always present and sometimes shadowed. May it be a place that helps you to find freedom in your expression and to share from your heart and spirit. We are all in it together. The more we open up to ourselves and each other, the more we let down our guard and reach out, the more we receive... the more vibrant, textured and interconnected our experience will be. Transformation is a real possibility. I am a living, breathing example. And I am you and you are me. We are one. The alchemy of self starts in the sacred space where it is safe, contained and held with the deepest compassion, reverence, respect and above all love. Welcome to my space!!! I am so happy to have you here!!!