Trust that G-d has a plan for YOU!!! If we live in the spirit of this statement how do we move through the moment and through life?

Do we need a so called plan or can we have the courage to let go into the moment with absolute presence and trust? To allow ourselves to tap into the subtle frequencies of our intuition and let it guide us forward step by step... breath by breath.

For in the end it's always divine’s timing and divine’s plan. That is the way the unfolding works. Everything in time, on time. How we participate determines what we meet. Are we willing to see what is right there, ready for us... beyond the confines of our mind? That takes TRUST. Trust in the bigger picture and in the role you play.

A force far greater than yourself is in charge (thankfully) and the essence of that very force is also within you. Have the courage to journey through the field of freedom where the winds of the infinite potential blow like a gentle breeze through the blossoming flowers. All is possible here, in this life, for you. TRUST... and see.