What is home for you? A specific place... a person... or a state of being that permeates all your doing?

Home is an essence that we experience and embody. Home is a space to reconnect and relax. Everyday we move out into the world of doing. We get swept up in the current of life in motion. Nothing is in a solid state. Yet, there is a STILLNESS and SILENCE that we can access within each moment. Right there... beneath the chaos… beyond the mind... waiting for you... There is a subtle place of TRUTH, a coming HOME.

When life is in TRANSITION the feeling of impermanence is magnified, making it essential to adopt a practice to help you find your center, safety and security. Return HOME to your HEART. Reconnect with the scared space within you. Master the art of BEING wherever life takes you. Here you will be met. Here you will be held.

In the spirit of helping those in transition experience the essence of HOME, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Nectar Furnished Apartments. Nectar is the leading provider of boutique furnished apartments and high-end corporate housing in NYC and across the globe. With an unwavering commitment to helping clients create a temporary home, white-glove concierge services meet your every need and desire. It is our intention to offer another dimension to this unparalleled luxury experience. 

To learn more about Nectar Furnished Apartments and our work together visit nectarfa.com