FALL trees

The season of change is upon us and the air is crisp with possibility. Nature is a constant mirror. Autumn reflects a time of letting go of the burdens that bind us. And trusting spirit to guide us on. Welcome the opportunity to turn over a new leaf.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and has always felt more like the time to celebrate the new year... the Jews do :)

Where do you find yourself this Fall? Where can you release? And where can you open to receive the abundant harvest of life that is right here waiting for you to embrace it?

Can you pause for a moment and allow yourself to tune into the rhythm of the season and just Fall? Fall deeply into the moment… into life... into the eyes of the other… into yourself. FALL into LOVE.

See it. Feel it. BE it. Let LOVE permeate every fiber, every cell of your being. And spread that LOVE like wildfire on the wind's of change touching everything on your path and purifying it with GRACE.

The time to FALL into LOVE with ALL is NOW. Join me and surrender to the bliss.