We come through love. We are held in love. And unto love we shall return.

My teacher used to say something to this effect. And my first experience of love at this level was after a three-week wisdom and consciousness training in India. I remember waking up one day and just feeling an immense sense of LOVE... not attached to anyone... or anything... It was the essence of love. And it permeated all.

Like a deep and subtle thread it connected everyone and everything. And all graced by its light glowed with a soft tenderness and intoxicating exquisiteness.

The more I deepened my connection to this vibration the more I could recognize when I was disconnected from my heart and simply choose to return to the flow of love.

LOVE is the MOST POWERFUL force. Love is in the moon and in the tides she moves... in the very roll of each ocean wave. Love is in the wind under the wing of the bird in flight carrying her on in grace. Love is in the touch of a mother and the voice of a father. Love is in the kiss of the beloved. Love is everywhere and in everything. YOU are LOVE itself.

Let love touch you. Let love rip you open... and pierce through all the illusions of your mind. Let love melt you... soften you. Let love hold you... and heal you.

Open your heart to the heart of existence and let the love you are shower down upon you. Let every cell, every fiber of your being remember this LOVE.

You came through love. You are held in love. And unto love you shall return.