SPRING is in the air and the season of REBIRTH and RENEWAL is upon us. The scent of new possibilities permeates the atmosphere arousing our senses. OPEN to this moment. OPEN to the POSSIBILITIES and MIRACLES that surround you.

The seeds have been sewn. NOW is the time to tend to your garden. NOURISH it fully. See what grows through LOVE and attention.

Take the time to release what no longer serves you and to open and receive what serves the all.

The process of REBIRTH is natures way. Season by season it is occurring. Like the buds on the trees, soak in the extra daylight. Let it NOURISH you fully. Breath into life. Let life NOURISH you fully.

Pay attention to what you take in... who you take in... how you take in. And pay attention to what you give out. How are you impacting this moment?

We are responsible for our thoughts, words and actions. Let the season of rebirth be an opportunity to responsibly create a little more HARMONY inside and out.

This season may your sacred garden BLOOM in GRACE and may you BLOSSOM fully in its BEAUTY, BOUNTY and BLISS.