Authentically. Essentially. Unapologetically. BE YOU.

Pierce through all the ILLUSIONS and return to the HEART of YOU. Who do YOU meet there?

The world needs YOU to BE YOU. Not the other... not your mother. Not your patterns... nor your past. Connect to your essence and BE confident in YOU.

We can so easily pick up on the energetic cues, moods and patterns of those around us. Especially when we are sensitive beings and we share close relations to others. Psychologically speaking, there can be a tendency to transfer our crap. When we are karmically bound and acting unconsciously, there is a tendency to act out the patterns of the family... whether they are true to us or not. When a baby is born, the nervous system of the parent is literally mapped onto the child. So we begin to take on these roles in life in order to belong... to survive.

All too often we dismiss the unique expression... the individual heart and spirit... of each other. Because on some level we need people to fulfill their roles so we can THINK we understand them and can manage our expectations accordingly.

Why? Why do we live this way? If we are all here for a reason and we each have a purpose why do we box people into roles and why do we play our part in these roles?

Why not embrace, embody and express through your uniqueness? Why not encourage others to step into their uniqueness and for us all to share our gifts and make an impact in a positive and authentic way in the world we share? Why not add texture to the collective whole?

The world needs YOU deeply. That is why YOU are here. NOW is always the time to step in and up and BE YOU.